8 Benefits You Should Expect Of CRM

If you’re currently using Dynamics CRM or shopping around, you’ll want to read this important message.

Does your CRM increase the productivity of your workforce?

A correctly aligned CRM can enable your workforce to operate 10% to 30% more efficient.

“On average, sales and marketing costs average from 15%-35% of total corporate costs. So the effort to automate for more sales efficiency is absolutely essential. In cases reviewed, sales increases due to advanced CRM technology have ranged from 10% to more than 30%.” –Harvard Business Review

Is your CRM preventing disruptions in your sales cycle?

A common complaint we hear among the CRM user community is how their CRM doesn’t really align with their sales methodology. You do not have to conform to CRM. CRM can conform to your way of doing business.

Can you easily identify new market opportunities by simply analyzing the data patterns that reside in CRM?

A well designed CRM captures the right information and has usable and intelligent analytic capabilities that business leaders and decision makers can act on in a timely manner. It creates a competitive advantage when you can, for instance, identify when to upsell items because you can see a pattern that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. You’ve now captured revenue you would have missed out on.

“Successful CRM is about competing in the relationship dimension. Not as an alternative to having a competitive product or reasonable price- but as a differentiator. If your competitors are doing the same thing you are (as they generally are), product and price won’t give you a long-term, sustainable competitive advantage. But if you can get an edge based on how customers feel about your company, it’s a much stickier–sustainable–relationship over the long haul.” –Bob Thompson, CustomerThink Corporation

Does your CRM enable you to define marketing strategies and lead tracking that are truly necessary for your organization to be effective?

One of the most important pieces to the lifeblood of successful businesses is market penetration and growth. If your CRM isn’t flexible enough to allow you to market and track your potential customers in an effective and efficient manner, you’re losing potential revenue.

Is your CRM growing with your business?

We’ve seen businesses that have aligned their CRM with their business model grow faster than ones who haven’t.

Is your CRM saving your workforce time?

When CRM is tailored to your business, your workforce becomes more productive with the time saved from too many clicks, steps or the way data is organized in out of the box CRM.

“The impact on an organization can at times be subtle and distributed throughout the enterprise…Cost savings and productivity enhancements can be seen in saving a sales person 20 minutes per week in writing activity reports, or answering four times the volume of web-based service requests in the same amount of time.” –Mary Wardley, vice-president of IDC’s CRM applications research.

Does your CRM create value for your organization?

We’ve all heard the term that IT systems are typically a “cost center”. CRM on the other hand can actually generate revenue opportunities and efficiencies that in turn more than pay for the investment.

Do you have a 360 degree view of your customers?

One of the most important reasons organizations like yours invests in CRM is to have the ability to have all the data about their customers in a consolidated view which tells their story so that you don’t have to guess or burn precious time tracking down fragments of information in order to nurture that relationship more personally.

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, then you’re not alone. Many are not benefiting from the full value their CRM has to offer but could be.

The solution to maximizing the power that CRM can have on your organization is BusiPlanIT. We specialize in tailored Dynamics CRM solutions that maximize value. Let’s face it. Out of the box capabilities can only get your CRM part of the way to truly aligning with your business model. Why not close that gap and experience the full potential Dynamics CRM can give your organization.

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