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New Discovery URI for O365 CRM Online

The other day I was going through the process of writing a plug-in for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online client. When it came to connecting the Plugin Registration Tool to their online tenant it reminded me to share this piece of wisdom so that you won’t go on a wild goose chase or second guess your CRM knowledge.

Then trying to connect you must give some basic info so that the tool can authenticate to your Online tenant. Something that Microsoft hasn’t communicated very clearly to CRM Online customers is that the authentication method has changed between January and July of 2013 depending on when your tenant was scheduled to convert over to use the O365 authentication from the old Live ID method.

Now, back to the connection info. The following screen shows the connection info for the Plugin Registration Tool (also used on the Developer Toolkit for connecting to CRM Explorer; and likely other common tools). For the discovery service, you will need to change your URI from the old way when it was Live ID authentication:


If you try to perform the above, you will surely get the famous authentication failed message.  Just truncate the discovery URI as depicted and you’ll surely connect.

Note the my example below uses the un-federated domain that O365 assigns your AD when you sign up; thus the “” versus if your domain is federated it would look something like “” for the User Name.

The following picture shows the correct discovery URI to authenticate using O365 authentication.


new-o365 auth-crm

Hopefully this helps save you time.  Until next time, happy CRMing.